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Agricola Colle Belvedere is situated in Annunziata in the community of La Morra, in the middle of the Langhe of Barolo which are overlooking the medieval town of Alba.

This wonderful land has a natural gift for producing fine wine and numerous other precious treasures, all fruits of a farming culture: the truffle, father of all good traditional meals; the hazelnut, mother of confectionery; the autumn mists in the vineyards, village festivals and a maze of castles.

This is an area where strong fragrances, appetizing food and award-winning wines all happily come together. 
It is here where we produce fine wines. 

Choosing quality over quantity and combining years of sound experience with the consistency that today’s techniques and innovations allow, enables us to produce some uniquely special wines.

VULAVIA, birds that FLY AWAY (this is the translation from our Piedmontese dialect) in a free sky, the blue and clean one that fills our eyes and our hearts here at Agricola Colle Belvedere almost all the year long.



Full enhancement of the grapes via biodiversity techniques
Vineyard management to extract the best expression of a unique Terroir
Producing elegant wines
Keeping strong professional integrity
Bringing hospitality to the highest level
Sharing vision with business partners and clients throughout the world


A blessed and unique Terroir in the heart of Piedmont, Langhe
Strong investments in the vineyards and in cellar management
Full commitment to strengthen the international distribution strategy via business partnerships


Improving penetration in the already covered countries via constant support to our partners’ marketing activity.
Expanding the international distribution partnership coverage to new countries via:

a) proactive and transparent “activity/goals planning and sharing” with partners;
b) support to new partners in building our brand positioning in their own markets and in our story telling.


We feel ready to start and an ambitious path of growth, supporting our partners.

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